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We would like to present you a designer drug available on the world market of research chemicals. Its name is  BK-EBDP, or, as you can also find, it is called ephylone.

The full name of the product is (benzo[d][1,3]dioxo1-5-y1)-2-(ethylamino)pentan-1-one.

There are few synonyms of BK-EBDP: BK-ETHYL-K and ephylone.

Its molar mass is 235.322 g/mol and the substance is pure more than for 99%.

Ephylone molecular formula is C14H19NO3


gram   USD               gram     USD
50        320                 1000     1750
100      540                 2000     2900
200      710                 3000     3900
300      830                 4000     4890
400      990                 5000     5890
500     1100               10 000   8100

BK-EBDP is a psychedelic drug which has stimulating effects, leading to euphoria and feeling f happiness. Developed in the 1960s, physiological and toxicological properties remains unknown quite well. BK-EBDP effects, according to consumers who have already tried this designer drug, are similar to ethylone effects.

BK-EBDP was created for laboratory researches ONLY. It is forbidden for human or animal consumption. It must not be used as a food additive or any other illegal way which can cause harm for the health and/or other persons/animals.

It is available in online shops of research chemicals in the form of large crystals.

Working only with qualitative and official manufacturers, we supply products of the best quality for our consumers. It is achieved thanks to the most modern and well-equipped laboratories where to buy BK-EBDP is produced. BK-EBDP is a pure legal powder which is available for sale.

BK-EBDP effects vary according to the dosage. It is possible to feel light euphoria or in other case you can feel powerful stimulation. It is worth to add that it is possible to regulate BK-EBDP effect. Remember that not only dosage is important when taking designer drugs. The way you take BK-EBDP is also can be a reason of specific effects.

Before buying BK-EBDP we strongly recommend to check BK-EBDP legal status in your country.

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