Our online store offers you to be acknowledged with the next information before you start placing your orders.

Etizolam, which is available in our online store, is intended to be used in research and laboratory purposes and in appropriate conditions. We do not recommend and support its usage in any illegal purposes. Etizolam is not intended for medical usage, as cosmetics, as any kind of food additive. It is also forbidden to use in for human or animal consumption.  Etizolam vendor doesn’t provide research chemicals which are illegal in the USA and EU. If there is such information, it is included only for higher ranking of the website.

Etizolam vendor has no intention to promote using of forbidden research chemicals.

Purchasing etizolam here consumers agree that they will strictly follow all rules according to etizolam usage. Researchers and scientists shouldn’t expect to receive the information about possible results of experiments as etizolam hasn’t been studied enough.

Before buying etizolam you assert that you are 18 years old or more.

Purchasing etizolam from Etizolam vendor you understand and agree that:

  • Etizolam vendor leaves the right to cancel and/or deny the order in case we have any doubts about consumers and the purpose of etizolam purchasing.
  • It is the responsibility of consumer to check properly the legal issues concerning etizolam before placing the order.
  • Our company doesn’t refund placed orders and there are no returns.
  • Etizolam vendor works overnight or your order will be sent in 5 business days after we receive the payment.
  • Only full payments are accepted including taxes and fees.
  • Human usage of etizolam is forbidden. It could be used only for laboratory purposes.
  • Possible danger from etizolam, when the chemical is used inappropriately.
  • Consumers purchasing etizolam on this website agree to hold Etizolam vendor free from any kind of responsibility as a result of any kind of harm received because of inappropriate use of the product or legal issues.