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All consumers who visit Etizolam vendor website, purchase etizolam in our online store confirm their agreement with the company’s privacy policy.

Etizolam vendor is a supplier or such research chemical as etizolam ONLY in educational and research purposes. Our clients are professional researchers, students of chemistry and experienced scientists who confirm their understanding and knowledge about how to handle the chemicals and all necessary precautions.

Etizolam vendor doesn’t provide prohibited research chemicals and does not accept and promotes etizolam consumption by humans, using etizolam in householding as a cleaner, in cosmetics and in other illegal goals.

Etizolam vendor does not guarantee any results of etizolam usage and is not responsible for them. Etizolam is included into the category of substances which are not examined yet and require appropriate and qualitative studying.

Consumers take all responsibility on themselves if there are any loses and damages because of etizolam inappropriate or/and illegal usage. Etizolam vendor is not liable for any harm in this case.

Consumers, who decided to buy etizolam in our store, verify their knowledge of preventive acts.

The legal status of etizolam must be checked by consumers before they place the order. Etizolam vendor is not responsible in case when the substance is prohibited in the country of consumer’s residence and illegal for import. All responsibility is on the consumer.

Etizolam vendor is not engaged in providing research chemicals which are prohibited worldwide.